Presenting . . . Concentration Projects

Senior Annie Z. made history Tuesday afternoon when she gave the first ever Academic Concentration presentation on the independent study that culminates a student’s journey.

Annie, who is a Global Studies concentration student, is one of just five seniors completing concentrations in this first year of the program. Her research topic was domestic abuse in Nepal and El Salvador, and the role of religion on it. STEM concentration students, Chloe G., Clair N., and Sylvia Y. were scheduled to give their presentations this afternoon, and Kayla L., who participated in the Animal Science concentration, will present on April 15. If their sessions are as good as Annie’s, it is fair to say, the Academic Concentration program is off to a terrific start.
Thanks in part to an Inspired Learning Summer Grant, Annie spent two months in Nepal last year teaching English. Issues and stories she encountered led her to focus her project on violence against women and her background in Spanish was the impetus for selecting El Salvador as a second culture to investigate.

With Sra. Esther Sánchez as her mentor, Annie put together a thorough and informative project and did a wonderful job presenting it. Perhaps even better was something Annie talked about in the wide-ranging Q &A that followed. Asked what she learned about herself through this process, Annie said, “I realized that I am passionate about seeing the world and learning more about it. We talk a lot about the Foxcroft Bubble but I think that many of us live in an "American Bubble” where we are so privileged and take so much for granted that we don’t see until we step away from it.” 

Experiencing a very different culture and being the only person that looks like you or comes from a certain place, she said, “is definitely an eye-openng experience and one that I’d like to have again.”
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