Project-Based Learning

A Report from Hays T. ’21 and World Languages Department Chair Esther Sánchez 

After learning about parts of the house, house chores, and certain specific grammar and vocabulary points, Spanish 2 students imagined that they were moving with their families to one of the Spanish-speaking areas of the world. Our goal was to find (or to make!) our ideal home that aligned with the values and standards of our new region.
First, we did research about the traditional homes of our respective areas to figure out why they were built that way (climate, materials, lay out, etc.). Following the rubrics of what each house had to have, and adding our own particular details, we spent some time in The Innovation Lab designing our future homes.

We then presented our projects to the class. Each of us created a PowerPoint to explain why we built our house in that specific way. Each oral presentation included the vocabulary and grammar that we learned.

This project really showed our class how different areas in the world live, get by with the materials they have, and bring their own architecture into it all.
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