Foxes! Foxes! Foxes!

Blue and white were definitely “in” at the Athletic/Student Center the weekend before break when Foxcroft’s oldest and most beloved tradition, Fox/Hound Basketball, was renewed with all the usual enthusiasm, pageantry, and intense competition. The Foxes not only defeated the Hounds, 20-15, in Big Game to claim the coveted Cup for the first time in six years, but they also won Little Game, 16-8, and Middle Game, 15-11, on Friday to set up a Fox sweep of all three games for the first time in . . . well, as far back as anyone could remember.

“It's been at least 24 years,” said Matt Mohler, a longtime faculty member and diehard Fox fan. “I can’t remember it happening,” agreed Hound Backer Patty Boswell, who came to Foxcroft in 1993. No wonder Fox Captain Leah S. ’19 and Big Team Captain Bella S. ’20 sported such broad smiles on their faces as they tied the blue and white ribbons on the Cup!
What’s more, a pair of freshmen, sisters Elizabeth and Adair S., scored nearly half the Fox points in Big Game and underclassmen, many with JV experience, powered the blue-and-white wins in the two preliminary games. The Foxy festivities may be a harbinger of things to come. Four of the seven Hound Big Team players were seniors and only two played Varsity Basketball this winter compared to all seven Fox Big Team players being having played varsity.
On Friday, Puppy Team took an early lead in Little Game but the Cubs soon surged ahead and the Hounds, who hustled their hearts out through all three games and never gave up, never went ahead again — in Little or Middle Game. That trend continued Saturday in Big Game. The Foxes scored first and jumped to a 9-3 lead at the half and an 18-9 advantage going into the final period.

But the Hounds battled relentlessly, even when they trailed 20-11 and two of their starters had fouled out. Remy P. ’22 hit her fourth free throw of the day and senior Seabrook B., who led all scorers with six points, made three more to pull the Hounds within five points with about a minute to play. The Foxes turned the ball over several times in the waning moments, but the Hounds could not capitalize.

Elizabeth S. led the Foxes with five points and several rebounds. Bella and Elizabeth B. ’19 had four points each, followed by Adair, with three, and Leah, with two. Guards Allie M. ’20 and McKenna O. ’21 directed the offense and chipped in with one point each.

When the final buzzer sounded, Leipheimer Gym — which had been rocking all afternoon with the deafening drums and cheers of both teams and the crowd of students, faculty, alumnae, and parents all decked out in their colors — erupted just a little bit louder with the Foxes taking the Cup, which the Hounds had held since 2014, Foxcroft’s centennial year. No one could deny them that joy. Both sides had played their hearts out and the  the true spirit of the Fox/Hound tradition — true friends through and to the end — came to the fore as there were hugs and cheers for teammates and rivals alike and another round of thunderous cheers before students and faculty headed off to Spring Break.
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