Wintermission Forecasted for Next Week

Instead of snowflakes and cold temperatures, next week’s forecast is calling for engaging classes and inspiring internships — it’s Wintermission! In addition to unique learning experiences on or around campus, we have a group of students joining Head of School Cathy McGehee and Director of Institutional Advancement Marion Couzens as they connect with some of our alumnae and travel up the east coast in their Glass Ceilings, Leaning In, and Mentors — How Women Grow as Leaders class. Another group of students and chaperones are headed to Washington, DC, for a week of service with the Youth Services Opportunity Project. You can follow their adventures on our travel blog, Where’s Foxcroft?
Evening event highlights on campus include:
  • Monday, February 4 at 7 pm: Swing dance lessons in the dance studio
  • Wednesday, February 6 at 7pm: Death by Chocolate
    A chocolate-covered movie night on Wednesday at 7pm (co-sponsored by the Wintermission Committee and Athletic Association)
  • Thursday, February 7 at 7pm: A night of a capella — The Virginia Sil’hooettes
    The Virginia Sil'hooettes is a student-run, all-female a capella group at the University of Virginia. Having won numerous Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (CARA) the Sil'hooettes are now the most award-winning a cappella group at UVA. The Sil's, as they are sometimes called, have performed for thousands of people at such venues as the Kennedy Center, The White House, John Paul Jones Arena, and Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox games. To learn more, visit their website: (co-sponsored by the Wintermission Committee and the Office of Student Life)
Recently we shared the complete list of course descriptions and internships; this week we are highlighting a few for you. We hope that you’ll ask your daughter about her Wintermission courses as they get underway on February 4!

The Art of the Pod — Ms. Wise
This course will dive into the world of podcasting. After learning about different types of podcasts and listening to some great examples, students will create their own short podcasts about something important to them. This is also an opportunity for students with existing audio projects to perfect and prepare them for submission to NPR’s Student Podcast Challenge. Topics covered in this course will include effective storytelling and script writing, sound.

Creating Foxcroft’s Community Garden — Ms. Ellie
The group will learn how community gardens help to support local food banks. They will research food waste and how it can be put to good use. Students will develop a plan for food composting from food waste in our own dining hall. If time allows, the group will plan the first planting of the garden and start seedlings to be planted in the spring!

Self Defense — Mme. Mueller / Justin Lough Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Learn how to protect yourself and be aware of your surroundings in this course offered by Justin Lough Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Students will be taught the methods of detecting possible danger and ways to avoid being a target in a variety of situations as well as what to do if you are attacked. This course is a great confidence builder and teaches skills that everyone should learn. Takes place off campus.

Python Crash Course — Mr. Hales/Ms. Varney
After Java, Python is consistently ranked as the most in-demand programming language today. Python is designed to be accessible and simple, and is a popular language for introductory-level programming classes across colleges nationwide. This course will cover the basics of python, including the command line, input, output, variables, computer math, and functions.
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