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  • A Week-Long Celebration of the Arts

    By Julie Fisher, Digital Arts Instructor and Festival Organizer

    In a year that has been more difficult than most, we have all been reminded of the simpler joys in life that helped us keep going. How would any of us have survived the pandemic without that favorite TV show, that song station we always had playing, or even that photo of a friend or loved one we were separated from for far too long? The arts are all around us and we cannot forget the important place they hold in our society and in our hearts.
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  • Rachel Means spoke during Arts Week as a part of our 2021 Helen Cudahy Niblack Arts Lecture Series.

    Falling, Rooting, Rising: Rachel Means ’08 Comes Into Her Own as an Artist

    2021 Helen Cudahy Niblack '42 Arts Lecture Series

    Rachel Means '08 was going to be a physician. After graduating from Foxcroft, she headed for Davidson and began to fulfill that childhood dream by taking a pre-med curriculum, even as she continued her art studies with an art scholarship. When she began to struggle on the pre-med side and encountered some clear signs that being a doctor was not the path for her, she resisted letting go of that long-held desire; she pressed on. And, despite art classes since childhood and obvious talent, Rachel admits it took a while to embrace herself as an artist. Finally, in her junior year, those realizations came to fruition after a study-abroad trip to Zambia. Rachel graduated with a major in Studio Art and began the process of embracing this new direction for her life — a process she advises is ongoing throughout one’s life.
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  • Michele Fowlin, Artistic Director for the Washington Performing Arts’ Children of the Gospel Choir, spoke in celebration of Arts Week.

    Nothing Can Stop You Except Yourself

    Last Saturday, Michele Fowlin, Artistic Director for the Washington Performing Arts’ Children of the Gospel Choir, spoke with the Foxcroft community as one of two virtual visiting artists during the final day of Arts Week.
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  • After Rachel's talk, she hosted a workshop . . .

    Students Workshop with Visiting Niblack Artist

    After visiting artist Rachel Means ’08 finished her community presentation, she hosted a mixed media workshop with a few art students. Each student created a piece inspired by a written work or a poem. One student even used Means’ presentation as inspiration. The results are beautiful.
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  • Patia Fann ’16  is an Electrical Engineer.

    Alumnae Share Their Professional Journeys During Career Day Workshops, Part 1

    In addition to our phenomenal keynote speaker Andrea Ewing Reid ’80, eight other alumnae offered students opportunities to hear, and ask questions, about their education and career journeys. Those alumnae included: Wendy Arundel ’80, Margaret Midyette Barber ’00, Patia Fann ’16, Claire Foster ’01, Adela Griswold ’06, Caitlin Lighthouse ’06, Lisa Lowman ’87, Flora Theden ’07.
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  • Photo of Marion Couzens

    Marion Couzens 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
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  • Photo of Bethany Stotler

    Bethany Stotler 

    Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing, Dorm Parent
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  • Photo of Ginny Riley

    Ginny Riley 

    Digital Media and Videography Associate, Dorm Parent, Video Production Teacher
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  • Photo of Christine McCrehin

    Christine McCrehin 

    Advancement Communications/Engagement Coordinator
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