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  • Julia G. ’21 —

    Theater Production Students Present “Talking with…”

    Last Friday the theater production class used their intelligence, grit, and ingenuity to provide the Foxcroft community with another School first — in a year that seems to be filled with them — as they presented their fall production virtually over Zoom with a pre-recorded series of monologues from “Talking With…” followed by a live Q&A with cast and crew.
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  • CyberPatriot Team Completes First Round of Global Competition

    By Danielle P. ’23 and Helen V. ’23

    On November 15, the CyberPatriot team completed its first competition against teams from around the world. Improving from last year, we finished round one ahead of thousands of other teams, and earned 74 more points than last year, which is an amazing feat! The competitions are each six hours long, so we all gathered together on the weekends to puzzle through each of the three scenarios. The next round is during the Distance Learning period, but we are all ready to work with the challenge that this presents our team. The CyberPatriot team leaders are Betsy A. ’21 and Gracie S. ’21, and the members who participate in the challenge are Teagan S. ’21, Danielle P. ’23, and Helen V ’23.
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  • Claire H. ’21 collected four water samples from Goose Creek to analyze as Foxcroft works toward certification as an official National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat.

    Students and Faculty Work to have Campus Certified as National Wildlife Federation Wildlife Habitat

    From STEAM Concentration Student Claire H. ’21

    Last weekend a group of students joined Ms. O’Quinn and Dr. Tuttle for a second time as we completed our efforts to have the Foxcroft campus certified as a National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Wildlife Habitat. Supplied with a checklist provided by the NWF, students hiked all over campus, through the fields, and down to Goose Creek, identifying all of the elements necessary to certify the campus. The checklist required us to identify sources of food, water, shelter, and places to raise young as well as to confirm the use of sustainable practices on campus. Students who helped to complete the checklist earned hours that will go toward earning a WeekendMission badge or certificate in environmental stewardship.
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  • Elise R. ’21, Hays T. ’21, Danielle P. ’23, Olivia W. ’23, Sarah F. ’24, Sofia R. ’24, Mimi W. ’24, and history teachers Erika Page and John Scharfenberg

    Empowering Female Voices Program Inspires Students to Make Change in the World

    This fall, several Foxcroft students have been participating in a six-part online workshop titled "Empowering Female Voices" offered to girls in grades 9-12 nationwide and hosted by Close Up and the Hockaday Institute for Social Impact. Focused on civic engagement and the issues shaping the 2020 presidential election, the program sessions ran every Thursday beginning October 1, through last Thursday, November 5. Through hearing from our students about their experiences, it is evident that the program had an impact on their global perspectives and has empowered them to delve into current issues with confidence and determination.
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  • October 28, the Marine Biology Club had the privilege of speaking with Tess Mackey ’11 from the Sargasso Sea Commission.

    Alumna Tess Mackey ’11 Speaks with Marine Biology Club

    By Caroline M. ’22 and Gracie S. ’21

    Last Wednesday, October 28, the Marine Biology Club had the privilege of speaking with Tess Mackey, an alumna of Foxcroft and an avid member of the Marine Biology community. Ms. Mackey graduated from Foxcroft in 2011 with an early interest in the marine sciences. During her time at Foxcroft, she noted a kayaking trip she took during Wintermission that strengthened her interest in marine studies. Then, in the summer after graduation, she ended up with an internship through the Foxcroft Middleburg Humane Society which furthered her passion for Marine Sciences. She then went on to attend the College of William and Mary, where she graduated with a major in English and a minor in Marine Science.
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  • Photo of Marion Couzens

    Marion Couzens 

    Director of Institutional Advancement
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  • Photo of Bethany Stotler

    Bethany Stotler 

    Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing, Dorm Parent
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  • Photo of Ginny Riley

    Ginny Riley 

    Digital Media and Videography Associate, Dorm Parent, Video Production Teacher
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  • Photo of Christine McCrehin

    Christine McCrehin 

    Advancement Communications/Engagement Coordinator
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