2011: Rebecca B. Gilmore

A North Carolina girl born and bred, a daughter whose parents embraced service professions — teaching and nursing — a scholar worthy of both Duke University and of the University of Virginia, a wife who met her partner through crew and is still “rowing in tandem” more than a quarter of a century later, a mother with unconditional love and clear expectations, an educator with renaissance qualities, a skilled facilitator with an even, open mind, an ambassador par excellence, a colleague, and a friend to so many — all characterize Becky Gilmore. Yet her essence, her core, is, indeed, greater than the sum of her parts.
For twenty-four years Becky has served Foxcroft with distinction, first as an Assistant Director of Admission/Development, then as the Director of Admission, and finally as the Assistant Head of School for External Affairs. More importantly, she has served as a “school person” in the classic sense of that description. Never bound by job titles, never above “getting her hands dirty,” as her colleague Sheila McKibbin says, never too busy to answer a call for help either professional or personal, always an approachable and attending ear, always creative and talented, never arrogant, always ready to risk the new and to push others to follow suit, Becky’s being, her fiber, has made Foxcroft’s tapestry even stronger.

As we are reminded at every graduation, Miss Charlotte relied on her right hand, “Miss Becky,” in all matters great and small. Indeed, legend says she would loudly call from her office B-E-C-K-ee! Perhaps it’s in the name, but nearly a century later, Foxcroft’s current Head of School is no stranger to the same call for the same reason.

Combining the philosophy that everything a school does is curriculum with her own intuitive understanding of the effects of the global on the specific and vice versa, she is a very rare school person, an exceptional administrator, and an invaluable member of a leadership team. Netted out: Becky is a top-notch school professional-plus.

The balance and substance of her life reside with her beloved husband Roger, with children, son John and daughter Sarah, and with her very special family.

The Board of Trustees and Mary Louise Leipheimer, the Head of School, honor Rebecca Bemisderfer Gilmore by presenting to her Foxcroft’s highest honor, the Anne Kane McGuire Distinguished Service Award.
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