2010: Thomas D. Lane

A Foxcroft Board Member for the past twelve years, a loving husband, father, grandfather, and honorary “Fox,” Thomas D. Lane was educated at the St. James School and Roanoke College. He married Susan Mastin, a Foxcroft graduate (Class of 1973), in 1978. They settled in Easton, Maryland, to raise their daughters Ali (Class of 1997) and Elizabeth (Class of 2000).
Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Things aren’t going to get better, they’re not!
- Dr. Seuss from The Lorax

In the fall of 1993, Tom and Susan delivered Ali to Foxcroft and thus began Tom’s Foxcroft “journey,” a journey during which Tom proved he “cares an awful lot.”

Almost immediately, Tom identified the need for greater engagement of Foxcroft parents in the School, and established the Parents’ Association, serving as its first President. Through his leadership, the Parents’ Association became an important link between the School and the parents and continues to serve that purpose. While President, Tom held the first fundraiser for the Parents’ Association, selling Foxcroft polo shirts, and raised an astounding $273! Little did he know that he would soon become involved in far greater fundraising efforts on behalf of the School. During his early Foxcroft years, Tom became the unofficial, self-appointed Foxcroft Admission Office recruiter for the Eastern Shore and families still find their way to Foxcroft through Tom. He continues to share his love for the School with anyone who will listen.

Tom’s unbridled commitment to Foxcroft was recognized when in 1997, he was asked to join the Foxcroft Board of Trustees. His delightful personality and wonderful sense of humor have served the Board well, but his most significant contributions have been through his involvement with the Buildings and Grounds Committee. As Chair, Tom championed the development of a Foxcroft Campus Master Plan and guided the Board through the process of establishing it as the “road map” for the future of the School. In recent years, Tom has led the early implementation of the Campus Master Plan by managing the relocation of the tennis courts, the design and construction of the new maintenance facility, Sally’s Service Center, and the major renovation of the Athletic/Student Center, and serving as a guiding force in early planning for the New Dormitory project. Tom’s professional surveying and engineering experience has served and continues to serve Foxcroft as the Campus Master Plan becomes a reality.

Foxcroft is not the only recipient of Tom’s talent and generosity. In addition to his “day job” as founding Principal of Lane Engineering, Tom has served as a Senior Warden of Christ Church in Easton and as the Head of the Youth Exchange for the Rotary Club. Currently, he serves on the Talbot County Historical Society, is a member of the Maryland Society of Surveyors, and is President of Pickering Creek Audubon Center. Tom’s latest “gig” involves demonstrating his newfound talent as a member of the Hand Bell Choir at his church.

Tom’s truest passion is for his wonderful family: Susan, his wife of 32 years, their daughter Ali, son-in-law Jordan, grandchildren Gigi and Oliver, daughter Elizabeth, son-in-law Jeff, sister-in-law Zemma and brother-in-law Ed. “Grampi” loves gardening, grilling, watching movies, and spending time with his family at the beach.

For a lifetime of Community Service, and to Foxcroft specifically, the Board of Trustees and Mary Louise Leipheimer honor Tom Lane for his outstanding service by presenting to him Foxcroft’s highest honor, the Anne Kane McGuire Distinguished Service Award.
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