2006: Stacey Morse Ahner '73

Because of her passion for the school, her work ethic, her sense of organization, her team building, her team play, her savvy with systems and cultures, her attention to detail, and her sixth sense, she has not only raised Foxcroft's fundraising bar but also challenged the "conventional wisdom" of the development world at large.
Foxcroft and fundraisers everywhere are forever changed because of her tenacity, her creativity, and her keen ability. Statistically, the tale is phenomenal. Foxcroft's annual fund has more than doubled in dollars, has parent participation worthy of note in formal industry-wide surveys, and has created "records" given the size of the School's constituency. That annual fund is, indeed, the beneficiary of this special woman's connection theory and her acute analysis.

Equally impressive are the capital dollars raised. Thirty million dollars for permanent endowment, the first million-dollar gift to be followed by thirteen others, gifts structured for budgetary relief, fundraising costs at record-breaking lows-all underscoring again the value-added approach.

And beyond all of these feats lies her teaching of philanthropy, of utilizing current students to prepare mailings, and by having donors explain to students why they are funding particular items. In essence, her teaching guarantees "planned giving." And that very teaching has gone the extra mile for her colleagues as she has demonstrated every possible way to sleep through a faculty meeting without snoring!

Combining the philosophy that everything a school does is curriculum with her own intuitive understanding of the effects of the global on the specific and vice versa, she is a very rare school person, an exceptional administrator, and an invaluable member of a leadership team. Netted out: Stacey is a top-notch school professional-plus.

The balance and substance of her life reside with her beloved husband Dean, with her adored daughters Katheryn and Kristina, with her treasured sister Nancy, and with her very special Aunt Andy. And yes, South Carolina remains the magnet for all of them.

Three years as a student, twelve years as the Director of Development and an alumna forever, her place in Foxcroft's history is legendary and secure. The Board of Trustees and Mary Louise Leipheimer honor Stacey Morse Ahner, Director of Development extraordinaire, by presenting to her Foxcroft's highest honor, the Anne Kane McGuire Distinguished Service Award.

April 21, 2006
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