Sudhanshu Somasundar

Senior Manager, R&D Engineering 

I work with teams that consist of individuals from different countries across the globe, of diverse backgrounds and interests, and yet all aligned as one force committed to ensuring that by working together with doctors, surgeons, and the worldwide medical community we make healthcare better.

Years in role (or similar):
16 years

College and degree(s):
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Dallas, Texas; M.S. Biomedical Engineering 

What sparked your interest in STEM?:
Not sure. While in high school, I found myself interested in being a pilot on some days, other days I thought I would be a cop, and most other days I thought I would be a neurosurgeon. The human brain has always interested me. And if you are just as confused as I was... don’t worry, you will find your way. Keep exploring... and that is most important. I found my interest in working on medical devices as an engineer. What I found is that from STEM, you could branch out to doing most anything you would like to pursue.
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