Anne Mueller

Awarded in Summer 2018

French teacher Dr. Anne Mueller, or “Madame,” as her students call her, wanted to address the variety of student ability levels and the disconnect between assessments and goals, as well as build in purpose and connection to the content so that students have meaningful and relevant learning experiences. She applied for and received her Kenan Grant for Faculty Enrichment to create personalized learning experiences for the students in her French 3 class that will improve fluency in French, increase cultural knowledge, and hone critical thinking, collaboration, self-motivated learning, and research skills.
To achieve these goals, Mueller used her Kenan grant to develop a database in GoFormative that provides self-paced grammar and vocabulary drills and creates rubrics for a new unit-based class structure. The new structure includes a minimum of four assessments that test reading, writing, listening, and speaking as well as at least one group project in addition to the individual aspects.

Her new project-based classes were introduced to French 3 in the fall of 2018. Class time is now student-centric and includes self-paced learning, weekly/biweekly meetings with Madame, the use of Google docs to monitor progress and readily available resources. Madame is always present and the clear rubrics help keep everyone on track. The results have infused her classes with student-driven, collaborative projects, and incorporated The Innovation Lab in creative ways in her curriculum.
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