A Gift That Returns Income to You

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) provides flexible income for one or more beneficiaries for a time period of your choosing. In your hands, and those of your advisor, your CRT can provide for any and all of your family while also remembering Foxcroft.
A CRT receives, sells, and reinvests your cash, securities, or other property (free of any capital gains tax), and makes regular payments to you or to loved ones for a length of time set by you. In this way your CRT can return more income from your assets to you. At the end, all remaining trust assets go to your chosen charities, including Foxcroft.

CRTs pay income to you or loved ones in one of two ways:
  • a fixed-dollar annuity (Charitable Remainder Annuity Trusts), or;
  • variable income, designed to increase over time (Charitable Remainder Unitrusts)
As noted, a CRT can sell appreciated stock and reinvest sale proceeds without capital gains tax, turning this untaxed gain into added income for you, and a larger gift for Foxcroft.

It's also flexible. You can change or add charitable beneficiaries, and even (in the case of a unitrust) contribute additional assets later, increasing both your income and the ultimate gift to Foxcroft.

To consider how a CRT might play a role in your legacy, please contact your attorney who can help you design a CRT to benefit both your family and Foxcroft.
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