A Gift Now or Later

Life insurance is a simple and practical way to give to Foxcroft, whether you give an existing policy or take out a new one with Foxcroft in mind.
"Old Insurance"

Many people own policies purchased years ago to protect young children who are long since grown. Such policies often have sufficient cash value to remain in force even though they have outlived their original purpose. If Foxcroft is made a beneficiary, then it will one day receive the policy's benefit, assuming any required premiums are paid. Or, as owner of the policy, Foxcroft can redeem it at once for an amount close to its cash value, often a substantial gift.

"New" Insurance

The right type of policy (one that will remain affordable throughout a lifetime) can be an effective way to build a legacy for Foxcroft. Moreover, the premiums paid for the policy can sometimes count as a charitable deduction. To explore this way of giving, contact an insurance agent well-versed in using insurance as a charitable gift.
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