Meet Our Recent Graduates

The Class of 2019 is ready for the next phase of learning and living — at college! More than 95% of this year's graduating class is attending one of their Five First-Choice Colleges. Find out where some of them are going and how Foxcroft helped them to get there.

Kayla Lee

Austin, TX

At Foxcroft: Salutatorian, Cum Laude, AP Scholar, Interscholastic Equestrian Association (IEA) Team Captain, Applegate Dorm Leader, Fox Assistant Cheerleader, Charlotte Haxall Noland Award (for best combining high purpose, leadership, integrity, accomplishment, and understanding), STEM Science Award, Miss Charlotte’s Trophy for Best Rider
Next: Clemson University’s Calhoun Honors College, animal and veterinary science major
How have you changed since first arriving at Foxcroft? Since I first came to Foxcroft, I have grown to be a much more confident person. I learned to not be afraid to advocate for myself and to strive to achieve my dreams in spite of adversity.
Most important thing you learned at Foxcroft: Everyone is deserving of kindness and friendship, no matter your differences.

Teddy Segmuller

Gainesville, VA

At Foxcroft: Exceptional Proficiency Program (swimming), Astronomy Club Head, Weinbach History Prize, Weeks Family Award
Next: Manhattan College, swimming at the D1 level and majoring in Exercise Science with Physical Therapy

What I cherish most about Foxcroft: The friends I have made and the support from my teachers! My advisor, Ms. [Stephanie] Young, has been my rock since freshman year, and I will miss her so much!
Most important thing you learned at Foxcroft: Just be yourself! If you are authentically you, everyone will love you. Never change who you are. Have confidence and believe in yourself!

Qianhui (Wendy) Xiu

Qingdao, China

At Foxcroft: Student Head of School, Judicial Council, AP Scholar, Dudley Prize (for being most willing and cooperative in her unselfish efforts for the good of the School), Starr Prize, Head of Chinese Language Club and Fashion Club, Fox Head Mascot, Soggie Cheerios
Next: Mount Holyoke College

What you cherish most about Foxcroft: Our super supportive and inclusive community
How has Foxcroft prepared you for college and life? Foxcroft taught me to speak up not only for myself but also for those who are unable. It also allowed me to be more aware of my own identity and current social issues, which I want to explore more in college.
Most important thing you learning at Foxcroft: Be proud to be a woman!

Jordan Walker

Raleigh, NC

At Foxcroft: Head of Activities, Cooking Club, and Rhythm Nation; Assistant Head of Fashion Club; French Award
Next: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Favorite place on campus: The dance studio, because I feel free when I dance.
Favorite teacher: Although she is not a teacher, I will miss Mrs. [Josie] Ross [of the Office of Student Life] the most because she helped shape me into the person I am today and she has had a tremendous impact on my life.
How have you changed since coming to Foxcroft? I am more patient, understanding, kind, and sympathetic.

Amanda Clemente

Reston, VA

At Foxcroft: Head Prefect, Judicial Council, AP Scholar, Foxcroft Christian Fellowship Head, Hound Photographer, Todd Government Prize, Athletic Training Intern, Varsity Tennis: Coaches’ Award
Next: University of Virginia

Favorite place on campus: The library courtyard. The view is beautiful, and I have made so many amazing memories there laughing with my friends. It is also where Sunrise Service takes place, so it will always have a special place in my heart.
How has Foxcroft prepared you for college and life? Foxcroft taught me the importance of community, and ways to ensure that everyone in the community feels valued. I also feel like Foxcroft has prepared me for solving conflicts in a constructive way, which will be an essential skill once I go to college and when I enter the workforce.

Holland Driskill

Middleburg, VA

At Foxcroft: Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation Board Member; Athletic Association Head; Hound Manager; Peabody Tennis Trophy; Varsity Tennis: Virginia Independent School Athletic Association (VISAA) All-State First Team, Delaney Athletic Conference (DAC) Player of the Year, and Most Valuable Player
Next: Elon University

Favorite teachers: I loved all of my teachers, but I will miss my history teacher, Mr. [John] Scharfenberg, the most. Throughout my four years, he always pushed me to be my best self inside and outside of the classroom. He helped shaped me into the student I am today.
Most important thing you learned at Foxcroft: Your voice is your most powerful tool in life, and you should never be afraid to use it!

Carrington Lowe

Washington, DC

At Foxcroft: Foxcroft Christian Fellowship Assistant Head, JV Soccer Coaches’ Award, JV Tennis
Next: Howard University, majoring in Human Development

What you cherish most about Foxcroft: The Fox/Hound events. They were what made Foxcroft different, and I am going to miss them.
How has Foxcroft prepared you for college and life? I learned how to get out of my comfort zone and to become more involved. I also learned to ask my teachers for help when I need it.

Alex Van de Water

Boulder, CO

At Foxcroft: Dillon Dorm Leader, Hiking Club Head, Riding “Helping Hands” Award
Next: University of Denver, participating in a specialized leadership program — the Pioneer Leadership Program

What you cherish most about Foxcroft: Foxcroft's unique, supportive community. It provided me with a sense of belonging and empowerment to speak my voice.
How has Foxcroft prepared you for college and life? Foxcroft prepared me for college on many different levels: to be independent (like doing laundry and keeping my room clean), to cherish and value relationships with friends and teachers, and to be ready academically.
Most important thing you learned at Foxcroft: How to trust myself and others, and to treat every mistake as an opportunity to learn more.

Xinyi (Roxy) Chen

Shanghai, China

At Foxcroft: Scholastic Art and Writing Awards National Medalist, Studio Art Award, Head of Chinese Language and Culture Club, Hound Mascot
Next: Art Center College of Design, majoring in Graphic Design

Favorite faculty members: Mr. [Alex] Northrup for being the most inspiring and hilarious history teacher and Mrs. [Karin] Thorndike for being the most considerate advisor.
How have you changed since coming to Foxcroft? Foxcroft made me feel supported and helped me become more determined and confident, especially in expressing myself through art.
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