Meet Our Recent Graduates

The Class of 2018 is ready for the next phase of learning and living — at college! More than 95% of this year's graduating class is attending one of their Five First-Choice Colleges. Find out where some of them are going and how Foxcroft helped them to get there.

Pradyuta Padmanabhan

Chantilly, VA

At Foxcroft: Student Head of School; AP Scholar; Dudley Prize (for being the most willing and cooperative in her unselfish efforts for the good of the School); Head, Global Cultures Club & Afternoon Delights/Octet; Hound Mascot
Next: University of Pittsburgh, applied mathematics and mathematical biology

What I cherish most about Foxcroft: The diverse friendships I made here.
Favorite teachers: Ms. Burridge, who created an interest and passion for English in me that I did not know I had
How Foxcroft prepared me for college and life:
 Foxcroft has given me the skills to never be afraid to advocate for myself, and to never shy away from any kind of difficulty.

L'Nya Caldwell

New York, NY

At Foxcroft: Varsity Lacrosse (All-Delaney Athletic Conference selection as a junior), Hound Assistant Cheerleader, Afternoon Delights, Step Team
Next: Roanoke College, where I have been offered an opportunity to play lacrosse

What I cherish most about Foxcroft: Friendships, opportunities, and connections
How I have changed at Foxcroft: I've become more independent and open-minded, and learned to express my ideas
Favorite place on campus: Goose Creek, since I don't get to go outdoors much at home
Most important thing I learned at Foxcroft: I have learned to not compare myself to others because everyone has her own path.

Melanie Fann

Purcellville, VA

At Foxcroft: Head Prefect; Valedictorian; Cum Laude Society; National AP Scholar; National Merit Finalist; Mathematics Award; Cross Country (Captain, Most Valuable Teammate); Varsity Soccer (Captain, Coaches’ Award); Fox Spirited Senior
Next: Vanderbilt University

What I cherish most about Foxcroft: The memories that I have made with my friends
Favorite place on campus: The couch in the College Counseling lounge
How Foxcroft has prepared me for college and life:
 I have the confidence to do things on my own and live with different people.

Rachel Brown

Marshall, VA

At Foxcroft: Exceptional Proficiency program (certified doula); Charlotte Haxall Noland Award (for high purpose, leadership, integrity, accomplishment, and understanding); Varsity Soccer (captain, All-Delaney Athletic Conference selection, 2017);  Tally-ho! Editor; Head, Athletic Association; Fox Assistant Painter; Advancement Intern 
Next: Colgate University, biology & Benton Scholars program

What I cherish most about Foxcroft: The close relationships with faculty members and the opportunities the School provides
My favorite place on campus: The soccer field, because I love playing on a team with my friends and it's a stress reliever
Most important thing I learned at Foxcroft: To be myself and that everyone has different gifts that are worth celebrating

Trinity Patterson

Washington, DC

At Foxcroft: Dean’s Leadership Award; Winner of the Paul K. Bergan Poetry Slam (three years in a row!); Hound Captain; Head, Activities; Prom Committee; Rhythm Nation & Step Team; Athletic Association
Next: University of North Carolina at Greensboro, psychology and business

What I cherish most about Foxcroft: I cherish the Fox/Hound tradition. People don't know it's significance and the sense of community that it brings.
How I’ve changed at Foxcroft: When I first arrived, I was very close-minded and did not take well to change. Now, I am a lot more open to change and negotiating to make everyone happy with the circumstances

Camila Kiger

Bogotá, Colombia

At Foxcroft: Senior Class President, AP Scholar, International Ambassador, College Counseling Intern, Community Service Award, Spanish Teacher Assistant, Soggie Cheerios singing group
Next: New York University, global liberal studies

Favorite teachers: Dr. Evans, Ms. Burridge, and Madame Mueller. They all took an interest in my life and success, and were great people to talk to.
How I’ve changed at Foxcroft: I have learned a lot from all the leadership roles and living in such a tight-knit community.
Most important thing I  learned at Foxcroft: To be an active participant

Ellie Smith

Houston, TX

At Foxcroft: Cherry Blossom Breast Cancer Foundation Board of Trustees; Dorm leader (two years); Houston Hurricane Relief Service Trip (Wintermission 2018); “Good Hands” Riding Award; Service Learning Intern;  Athletic Association
Next: Elon University, psychology

Favorite faculty members: Ms. Szymendera, Ms. Boswell, Ms. Kendall [Bear], and Mr. Mohler. They have all helped to make my experience at Foxcroft incredibly memorable and have always supported me.
Favorite place on campus: The barn, because it is my escape
How I have changed at Foxcroft: I have become a more accepting and caring person.
The most important thing that I learned at Foxcroft: That there will always be people who care about me and love me for who I am.

Emma Schmidt

Warrenton, VA

At Foxcroft: National Merit Commendation; AP Scholar with Distinction; Cum Laude Society; Varsity Field Hockey (National Field Hockey Coaches Association H.S. Academic Squad); Eustis Prize (for interest and competence in the study of English literature); Library Prize; Head, Next Chapter Book Club, STEAM Club; Fox Manager
Next: College of William and Mary

What I treasure most about Foxcroft: Fox/Hound!! This tradition has given me lifelong friendships and memories.
Favorite teacher: The fact that I can't choose just one teacher should tell you something incredible about the faculty here.
The most important thing I have learned at Foxcroft: That no one can do everything, and it's 100% okay to ask for help, to get advice, and to delegate

Yiming Zhao

Qingdao, China

At Foxcroft: AP Scholar, Cum Laude Society; L. Richard Weinbach History Prize; Head, Chinese Language and Culture Club, Rhythm Nation; Service Learning Intern; Banneker Buddies tutor; International Ambassador; Class Vice President
Next: Boston University, finance

Favorite teacher: Mr. [Steve] McCarty. He was an excellent advisor, caring and wise, and gave me good advice.
Most important thing you learned at Foxcroft: To be independent, speak up for yourself with confidence, and have a positive attitude
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