Why Choose Foxcroft? Let us tell you!

Girls have all kinds of reasons for choosing — and loving — Foxcroft. Meet our student ambassadors who give visitors campus tours below and you’ll see for yourself. Their reasons for choosing this all girls private boarding school are as unique as they are.

Harriet, Class of 2021

Charleston, SC

Sports: Riding, Varsity softball, JV field hockey and basketball

Activities: Afternoon Delights & Octet (a capella singing group), theater

What makes Foxcroft special to you? "All the love and support Foxcroft has given me has been incredible!"

Marina, Class of 2020

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Clubs and Activities: I’m a student tour guide and a member of the Judicial Council, the Beekeeping Club, and Jam Band.

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Tater tots and hot chocolate

Future Goals: To study music at the New School in New York City and become a musician

Siena, Class of 2020

Snowmass Village, CO

Sports: Riding (Participates in Exceptional Proficiency program)

Why Foxcroft?  
“I am a rider, and I ride everyday. I also attend many of the shows offered during the school year, including the Winter Equestrian Festival. I believe this experience can offer great insight into the Exceptional Proficiency program for prospective students, and that I can explain what it is truly like to be in the program.

Emma, Class of 2020

Tampa, FL

Sports: Riding. I am  a member of Foxcroft’s Interscholastic Equestrian Association Team

Favorite Dining Hall Food: Vegan Nuggets!

Why Foxcroft? The girls here are my family. I especially feel connected at the Barn.

Future Profession: A school guidance counselor or psychologist

Emily, Class of 2020

Beijing, China

Fun Fact: I love tennis, video games, Japanese anime, and K-pop. I am now learning programming on my own, and am interested in trying to yo-yo!

Sports: Yoga, pilates, tennis

What makes Foxcroft special to you? "This is the first all-girls boarding school I have ever attended. At Foxcroft, I found my true interests and learned so many things that I had never tried before. I found my true friends here, and feel the positive attitude towards life. This school has made me become a more energetic and positive person."

Hayden, Class of 2020

Middleburg, VA

How do you feel attending an all-girls school? I think that being in an all-girls environment gives you a real sense of power and an ability to speak up for yourself among strong independent women that aren't distracted by boys. It is a great place to go through one of the most critical times of your life, having the feminine support and safety net through high school.

What makes Foxcroft special to you? The sense of community and family you have, not only in the dorms but in the classroom as well.

Emma, Class of 2020

Middleburg, VA

Sports: Varsity field hockey and soccer, JV basketball

Leadership: International Ambassador

What makes Foxcroft special: The sense of community and how everyone is involved in the school events, and has plenty of school spirit!

Elsie, Class of 2020

Purcellville, VA
Sports: Varsity field hockey, JV lacrosse

Leadership: Head of the Model UN team, Service Learning intern

What makes Foxcroft special to you? "Foxcroft is special to me because of its cool and unique activities and traditions. It really brings you closer to everyone around you, and make you feel like you are all 'one.'"
An all-girls boarding and day school in Northern Virginia, Foxcroft prepares young women in grades 9-12 for success in college and in life. Our outstanding academic program offers challenging courses, including Advanced Placement classes and an innovative STEM program. Our premiere equestrian program is nationally recognized, and our athletic teams have won conference and state championships. Experience the best in girls' boarding schools: visit Foxcroft.