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Speaker Series & Seminars


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Providing Unique Learning Experiences for Students

Everything we do is curriculum at Foxcroft, and our students benefit from lessons grounded in real-world application.

Experienced professionals share their career paths as guest speakers and construction projects become seminar series guided by experts in the field. These unique learning experiences are not one-off instances; they are woven into the educational philosophy and learning experience for all students.


Seminar Series

Seminar Series

Seminar Series

Project STEAM Build

Construction of the Mars STEAM Wing

2023/24 to present

Designed to expose students to the design and construction industry, the phases of bringing the Mars STEAM Wing to life will serve as a learning lab demonstrating real-world applications of STEAM lessons to the students who have applied and been accepted into the seminar.



Project Rebuild

Renovation of Court

2015/16 and 2016/17

The Project Rebuild seminar series focused on the design, demolition, and renovation process that turned Court Dorm into the School’s Welcome Center. Monthly sessions included lecture-based presentations from experts in the field from Forrester Construction Company and Hord Coplan Macht, as well as dynamic activities and visits to the construction site for hands-on learning.



Project Green Build

Construction of Stuart Hall


The creation of our first LEED-certified building, Stuart Hall, served as a living laboratory for our students who participated in Project Green Build to learn about sustainable building practices and the environmental impact of construction. The construction project’s builder and project manager, Forrester Construction Company, together with the School's Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) faculty, conducted monthly sessions, complete with hard-hat site visits and hands-on projects. The seminar covered many aspects of construction from design and modeling, to how foundations and mechanical systems work. The participants, in turn, shared what they learned in regular presentations at all-school assemblies. This seminar series would serve as a model for others that followed along major construction projects in the following years.


I am interested in engineering and wanted to learn from women in the engineering field about their path to becoming an engineer. The coolest thing I’ve learned so far is how eco-friendly a building can be and what elements are used to achieve that. I am excited to start getting hands-on experience and see how [the STEAM Wing] looks once it’s done.— Ariana A., Class of 2026


Guest Speakers

In keeping with our motto of a "healthy mind, healthy body," Foxcroft seeks to bring in outside guest speakers and performers to enhance the messages taught in the classroom and the athletic arena. If you are interested in sharing your expertise or real-world experience with our boarding school students in Virginia, please contact us at

Alison Harrison Goodyear ’29 Fellows Program

The Alison Harrison Goodyear ’29 Fellowship Program brings women and men who have achieved renown in the fields of the arts, humanities, science, or public affairs to campus to participate in discussions and seminars with students.

Guest Speakers