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Our Campus is a Classroom

An Uncommonly Beautiful Setting

Here at Foxcroft, we enjoy the many natural resources available to us through work and play. Situated on 500 acres in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, campus is a learning lab, nature preserve, and personal sanctuary all rolled into one.

Whether enjoying an English class nature walk, trekking to Goose Creek during Biology class, checking trail cameras for a Statistics class, gathering bamboo for a Physics project, harvesting honey from campus hives, or finding a quiet place in Miss Charlotte’s garden to read, students grow and thrive along with the plants and animals that surround them here.


Incorporating nature into the classroom goes far beyond taking students outdoors to hold a lesson. It entails devising a plan that gets students engrossed in the setting in meaningful ways,  investigating the land through historic, scientific, literary, and artistic lenses.— Meghen Tuttle, PHD & Julie Fisher, STEAM Faculty


Certified Wildlife Habitat

Foxcroft was officially approved by the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) as a Certified Wildlife Habitat in 2021 after a group of students and faculty worked together hiking the fields and trails of campus to identify all of the elements necessary to complete a checklist of requirements provided by the NWF to certify our campus.

Sustainability at Foxcroft

Our commitment to promoting sustainability literacy is an ongoing effort to learn and live as responsible stewards of the environment that extends beyond the classroom to include experiential learning opportunities.


Want to check out Foxcroft's green initiatives in real time? Visit our Green Dashboard for a look at electrical, geothermal, water consumption and costs across campus!

Check Out Our Green Dashboard

exterior stuart hall

Stuart Hall

Foxcroft's LEED-Certified Dormitory

Stuart Hall is our first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certified building on campus. The dormitory was constructed with environmentally friendly materials. It contains energy-saving fixtures and appliances.

  • 1 Gold LEED Certification
  • 2 Wintergreen Awards for excellence in green building
  • 33 geothermal wells for heating and cooling
  • 25,731 square feet of space in the building

View Stuart Hall's Dashboard

exterior court welcome center


A Green Welcome Center

Originally a dormitory, Court was renovated and rededicated as a Welcome Center in 2016 so that future generations of Foxcroft girls can enjoy this beloved building.

  • 15 geothermal wells for heating and cooling
  • 14,892 sq. ft. of carpet made from recyclable material
  • 175 LED lights throughout the buidling
  • 12 low flow toilets & aerators installed to conserve water

View Court's Dashboard

Good Stewards of the Environment