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Learn Without Hesitation

We calculate vector functions, debate literary themes, analyze ecological changes in the Chesapeake watershed. We are girls intent on finding out.

Surrounded and supported by talented educators who create experiential, highly personal curricula, we see each day of our education — and of our lives — as an opportunity to explore and collaborate. We become not only leaders, but fearless leaders on a lifelong quest for learning — one that doesn’t stop at college.


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Foxcroft students are individual thinkers who set large goals for themselves.

James Sweeney, PhD, STEM Faculty & 2022 Distinguished Modern Classroom Educator

As the communal hub of our campus, the Audrey Bruce Currier Library provides space for study, all-school meetings, guest speakers presentations, and more. Students can access research materials, find a quiet place to study, or visit the Learning Center.

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a student in goggles completes a science experiment

Express Yourself through the Fine Arts

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