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Bethany Stotler Receives the Jane Lockhart Service Award

Bethany Stotler Receives the Jane Lockhart Service Award

Director of Communications and Marketing Bethany Stotler was awarded the 2024 Jane Lockhart Service Award by Head of School Cathy McGehee on Thursday, May 30, recognizing her dedication and outstanding service to Foxcroft School for the past decade. She is the 13th recipient of the award.

“Over the past 18 months, [Bethany] has overseen a branding refresh project, built a relationship with a new SEO partner to enhance our marketing efforts, and built a new website,” shared McGehee. “She's kept these projects on track and her attention to detail and care for the final product are unmatched.” 

McGehee also commended Stotler’s caring and creative leadership, noting that one colleague wrote of her, “Whether she is designing a page for the new website or chaperoning a trip on the weekend, her genuine love for this community is what drives the work she does. Her commitment to marketing Foxcroft in an authentic way has made working with her fun and easy. She never stops thinking about ways to organically involve the students in our communication efforts. She knows each student, making connections while they're here, and maintaining relationships with alums too! She deserves this award for her constant thoughtfulness and consideration of what will make Foxcroft a better place.” 

She concluded with these words from a member of the Class of 2024: “This person is one of the kindest, most selfless adults that I have been lucky enough to know on this campus. She works diligently to ensure that the needs of faculty and students are met, and Foxcroft truly would not be the same without her. She and her husband have raised two beautiful children who have grown to be more than just my tag and hide-and-go-seek partners; they have become the faces I look forward to seeing every day in the Dining Hall. My experience at Foxcroft has been forever impacted by the Stotler family and I could not be more grateful for the relationships I have built with them!”

First coming to Foxcroft part-time as resident relief in Dillon Dorm, Stotler joined as a full-time employee in 2010 as an Advancement Assistant, ultimately ascending to her current position as Director of Communications and Marketing in 2022. A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, she holds an M.B.A. and a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts. 

Congratulations, Mrs. Stotler!

The Jane Lockhart Service Award goes to a distinguished member of Foxcroft's staff or faculty who "exemplifies a personal commitment to and understanding of all of our students.” This commitment is demonstrated among other criteria by this individual’s ability to raise the overall quality of life at Foxcroft, unselfish giving of time and energy to the School, and ability to empower students with self-confidence and instill in them the desire to learn, not only while at Foxcroft but also for a lifetime, thus exemplifying the passionate belief that “everything we do is curriculum.”

This award is given in the spirit of Jane Lockhart, Foxcroft staff member from 1966-2016, by the many students and their parents whose lives were enriched by Jane’s dedication to young women. Previous winners include Lockhart, Penny Alderman, Yvette McCarty, Warren Payne, Patty Boswell, Fred McMane, Brenda Trussell, Heide Hotchkiss, Erin Abbott, Courtney Ulmer, Danny Borror, and Michelle Woodruff.