Well and Mellow

If students and faculty seemed just a tad more mellow Monday, it might have something to do with the great success of Foxcroft’s first “Wellness Weekend.”
Led by Biology teacher and Director of Foxcroft’s Wellness Program Meghen Tuttle, PhD, a variety of faculty, staff, and special visitors presented a wonderful program of workshops and activities designed to help students focus on various aspects of wellness. The weekend program, which included a screening of the documentary Happy Friday night, Goodyear Fellow Jennifer Pharr Davis’s keynote, and a special restorative yoga class, concluded with various “chill” activities in the dorms and Roomies Saturday evening but — with apologies to Irving Berlin — “the mellowness lingers on.”  
While many agreed that Davis’s presentation was the highlight of the weekend, there was plenty else that engaged the girls.
A journaling workshop by French teacher Anne Mueller was a big hit. “That session was my favorite part of the weekend because I found out about a new way people organize themselves,” said freshman Bianca M.
Sophomore Louise W. enjoyed the breakout sessions on "Exploring How We Eat," presented by Cate Smith, corporate chef at Meriwether Godsey. “We learned how important it is to eat mindfully,” Louise said. “Eating uses all five senses but we often forget to use four — smell, touch, sound, and sight — which leads to overeating or unhealthy choices.”

Other creative sessions addressed unplugging from digital devices, a session entitled “Bored and Brilliant Challenge 2018” led by Head of School Cathy McGehee and Dean Courtney Ulmer, “Taming Your Inner Mean Girl” by Dean of Student Life Emily Johns, an improv course designed to build trust, and an opportunity to craft a personal mission statement and make vision boards to support them. Campus Safety Coordinator Mollie Sheerin and Lisa Braun of Loudoun Fire & Rescue held two session on understanding the mechanics and seriousness of 9-1-1 calls.
Faculty, too, were impressed with the weekend. “The entire program was terrific,” said Director of Strategic Initiatives and Marketing Shelly Betz, who, as Weekend ADO, got a comprehensive view of all the offerings. “It even inspired me to want to go on a hike, and I don't like bugs.”

Perhaps most important, and gratifying to the creators of Foxcroft’s three-year-old Wellness Program, the weekend reinforced that Foxcroft students are learning that Wellness matters.

“Wellness matters because you won't be able to accomplish your goals and perfom at your best if you aren't in the right frame of mind,” said Bianca M. ’21. Added Marina V. ’20: “Taking care of yourself should always come first.”

Louise summed it all up well. “Whether it is eating, self love, or finding a natural balance in your many activities, wellness has a huge impact on how we live a happy life,” she said. “We are in charge of how we want our life to be, and wellness is our sidekick to achieving a happy life.” 
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