A Master Class with Garth Newel Piano Quartet

by Zoey X. '18

On Tuesday, the Garth Newel Piano Quartet held a series of performances in FoxHound for both the Foxcroft student body and the Middleburg community. The evening concert was amazing and unbelievable, and I cannot describe how much I enjoyed it and learned from just watching them play together.
The School also gave the student musicians a chance to have a master class with the Quartet musicians, during which I played the short piece "Revolutionary" by Chopin.

The pianist, Jeannette Fang, was not only an incredible player, but also a good teacher. After my performance, she patiently pointed out my problems in techniques and dynamics and also answered all my questions. What is more, the way she played the piano was really physical — she taught me to use my whole body, natural weight, and inertia to play a fast and aggressive piece like "Revolutionary." I really enjoyed working with her in that short 20 minutes. I wish I could have another chance to study with her in the future!
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