Jane Lockhart Award goes to Fred McMane, Penny Alderman and Susan Erba receive chairs at Awards Assembly

Fred McMane, coach and volunteer extraordinaire at Foxcroft School, was presented the Jane Lockhart Service Award by Head of School Mary Louise Leipheimer on Thursday (May 22) during the School’s annual Awards Assembly on the Audrey Bruce Currier Library courtyard.

Leipheimer also honored Penny Alderman, Director of Foxcroft’s Northcross Health Center, and Mathematics Department Chair Susan Erba for their 25 years of service to the School, presenting each with a Foxcroft chair.
“Penny takes care of us every day in every way. She’s kind of like the Ghostbusters: Who do you call? Miss Penny,” said Leipheimer. “You are an amazing woman and Foxcroft is grateful.”

Turning to Erba, she continued, “Susan has taught us all that math is fun. She also gives new meaning to the term availability: She must have a cot on the second floor of this school building. Susan, we are grateful for what you have done for all these young women.”

The Lockhart Award was established in 2012 by Foxcroft parents and students in appreciation of the dedication, commitment, and passion of Jane Lockhart, who has worked at Foxcroft since 1966. It honors a staff or faculty member who demonstrates the kind of support and concern for all students that Lockhart is known for. It carries a generous cash award.

“I was shocked,” said McMane. “I’m frankly not sure what to make of it. I don’t do these things for money. I do them because I enjoy doing them.”

Scores of students and colleagues also enjoy him doing them. A retired sports writer and editor for United Press International who covered 23 World Series and six Olympics, McMane has coached two or three sports teams every year since arriving at Foxcroft with his wife, Director of Communications Cathrine Wolf, in 2005. He has also served as volunteer sports information director, writer, and statistician; written and helped direct several student musical reviews, and taught courses during Foxcroft’s Wintermission term.

During the School’s Centennial year now concluding, McMane was the moving force behind the establishment of Foxcroft’s new Sports Hall of Fame and also wrote a screenplay for a 30-minute student video presented during the Celebration Weekend. Over the years, McMane has also driven students to the ER, to the airport, and to Washington, D.C., to obtain visas or to catch buses. He has hosted team parties during the school year and organized faculty cookouts in the summer, as well as a book club and field trips to Nationals’ games. Almost all of these activities are done on a purely volunteer basis.

“Fred has made a huge difference to everyone in this village,” concluded Leipheimer. "With great enthusiasm Foxcroft awards Fred E. McMane the 2014 Jane Lockhart Award.”
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