Dish Harris ’10: Paying it forward with a Reunion Class Gift

Dish Harris Class of 2010
At Foxcroft Reunion Weekend in April 2019, the Class of 2010 was the recipient of the Reunion Giving Award for classes celebrating their 5th - 20th Reunion. If you asked me what motivated me to rally my class to give to The Foxcroft Circle, I would be lying if I said I was not partly fueled by competition. For those of you who do not know me, I am a Middleburg native, Fox cheerleader, lacrosse player, Court quad senior, and as competitive as they come.
But giving back, for me, is not only driven by the allure of winning that shiny silver plate at Reunion Weekend with my classmates. It is also driven by my experiences at Foxcroft, the relationships I formed there, and the relationships that I still foster today. It is amazing to me that almost ten years after my Foxcroft graduation, the most active group chat on my phone is the group of girls I met as a gangly 13-year-old in 2006. I want to give future Foxcroft girls the opportunity to have friendships like that in 2020, 2030, 2040 and beyond. I want them to have the same experiences that I had during those four years under the cherry blossoms. One way we can do that is by continuing to support the place that gave us all so much. 

My classmates will attest to the fact that I peppered them with emails, Facebook messages, and texts asking them to give back. I asked them to give any amount they could to show that support, to celebrate Foxcroft, and to continue the legacy that we all know and love. I remember telling them in one of my many emails that if we each gave up one Starbucks a month, and instead gave that $5+ to Foxcroft, then we would be giving approximately $3,000 a year as a class. While this is not a huge number, imagine if every class of young alumnae did this. It would add up! I promise I won’t be peppering any other classes with emails (sorry, Class of 2010, you are still at risk), but I hope other classes will also consider the impact they can make on the place that gave us so much. 

Today, as we celebrate Foxcroft, I remember some of the happiest, funniest, at times ridiculous, and most joyful memories of my life. I know you all have fond memories like mine and I hope today you will take a moment to stop, reminisce, and celebrate them. Foxcroft gave me so much in the four years I spent on campus and continues to give me so much in different ways today. Here’s to the School!

Support the Foxcroft experience, and your treasured friendships by giving to The Foxcroft Circle for a little as the price of a latte each day. 

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