Vicki Threlfall '81: Foxcroft Forty Years Apart

Vicki Threlfall ’81 has enjoyed watching her daughter Tess O. ’21 experience Foxcroft over the past three years, and recently shared the myriad reasons she gives her time, talent, and treasure in support of the School. “I feel incredibly lucky to be in a position to see Foxcroft, 40 years after my graduation, so effectively preparing young women for what’s next in life.” Recently Vicki co-hosted a virtual Happy Hour for the Class of 1981, a gathering allowing them to get together even though Reunion 2020 was postponed.
“Over 30 of us participated and I was so impressed by these women. They are pragmatic, good thinkers, grounded—but we’re all very much individuals. But, also, we share some values and attributes, no question—and I think some of those came from our Foxcroft experience.”

In Tess’s experience at Foxcroft, Vicki has witnessed the very same values growing for her daughter because of the rich opportunities and the support of a community that is more like family. “She is becoming her whole self— actualized, having her own goals, reaching goals, serving the community, and understanding and respecting different people and different perspectives — I am witnessing it happen to her now. She has developed leadership skills she might not have had a chance to develop at another school. And I’ve seen her become a global citizen and become truly interested in the multicultural family that is Foxcroft.”

Vicki donates each year to support the School she loves forty years later. “I have a greater appreciation for what Foxcroft gave to me because I can see it happening for her in real time. It is an amazing community for developing whole people—whole, healthy people.”

In fact, Vicki often thinks of it as ‘the new and improved Foxcroft’. “That’s how I feel, when I say ‘new and improved’ I mean the academics are very strong, the community is more diverse, the importance placed on social-emotional well-being is amazing—that did not exist when I was there in the ‘70s and ‘80s!” Vicki also notes that Tess chose Foxcroft on her own; it was through working with a consultant to find a school that had both the academics and the environment that Tess was searching for, that Foxcroft appeared on her short-list.

“She has really become an independent learner in the best way.” Vicki reflects, “ I had a meaningful conversation with another mother with a daughter in the Class of ’21, Dody Lilly Hogan ’87. Her daughter has a very different academic profile than Tess and Foxcroft has created an environment where they have both excelled. We decided that the secret in the recipe is that Foxcroft can see the person and see where they need support or where they need more opportunities, and they actively provide that to each and every student.”

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