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    Senior Luncheon: A Special Time for All

    The Class of 2012 is welcomed to the Alumnae Association
    On Saturday, April 14, the Class of 2012 was officially welcomed into the Alumnae Association by Sheldon Gerry Withers '61, the President of the Alumnae Council. The Alumnae March-In kicked off the wonderful luncheon honoring the seniors that was provided by Mr. Brown and his staff in the Engelhard Gymnasium and attended by many alumnae, the Board of Trustees, administrators, friends of the School, and Senior Class advisors.

    Sheldon also announced the newly elected 2012 Class Representatives. Congratulations to Maeve C. and Alexis H. on their important new roles. Each senior, as is tradition, also received a silver engraved key chain from the Alumnae Association.
    Two special people were recognized at the luncheon -- Pickett Davis Randolph '56, this year's recipient of the Anne Kane McQuire Distinguished Service Award, and Norman King, a former Foxcroft staff member who retired from his work at the barn this fall after 45 years of service to the School. Read more about Pickett and Norman.
    Student Head of School Sam '12 spoke beautifully at the luncheon about the Class of 2012. She shared what makes them unique, highlighting their inclusivity. Video of her speech, as well as the special presentations to Pickett and Norman, is available here. She stated, "It is no longer unusual to see a senior and freshman walking together across campus," a truth that illustrates how she and her classmates have worked together to unify Foxcroft students, regardless of their year.